July 25, 2014

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Dear Friends,
Most of you are not my facebook friends, so I paste here a comment I posted on the present situation.
Keep hope,
Yesterday´s demonstration in Ramalla probably initiate the most significant step of the present “operation”: an unprecedented Palestinian Unity between Hamas and Fatah, West Bank and Gaza, Muslim and Christian, religious and secular. This u…nity never took place, even in the first and second Intifada, and it occurs at th precise moment that Israel and Egypt cooperate to divide and rule.
The Israeli “operation” started as a cinic use of the kidnaping of the three kids in the West Bank in order to dismantle the Palestiian Unity Government, and instead they succeeded to Unite the Palestinian people more than ever. It seems that the Palestinians will expand the demonstrations to the West Bank, and will not end until the Gaza blockade ends, the passages to the West Bank are opened, and negotiations to end the occupation will start. May be in the future we will call this not an Israeli operation or attack in Gaza but the “Palestinian Spring”?
I hope the Palestinian Peace Camp will have the courage to go to the streets too. Tomorrow night we can start.