Dear Friends

August 8, 2014

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Dear Friends,
In light of the on-going ceasefire and negotiations to lift the illegal blockade of Gaza, an act of civil disobedience will probably not resonate with a broad public and might even be construed as a gratuitous political provocation. Instead of civil disobedience on Friday, I have decided to join together with others in planning both a memorial for the dead and injured in Gaza and a politically inclusive fundraiser to rebuild al-Wafa hospital. (Details to be posted shortly.) In my youth I participated in a campaign to help rebuild Bach Mai hospital that was destroyed by the United States during the 1972 Christmas bombing of Vietnam. Let us all work together to rebuild al-Wafa hospital that was destroyed by Israel during the Ramadan bombing of Gaza, with the cowardly complicity of the Obama administration.
Norman Finkelstein

Wafa Hospital