Code Pink in the Promised Land preparing to enter Gaza!

June 8, 2009

In News The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Dear Delegates,

I hope you made it home okay (for those going home) and others are doing well in their travels. A group of us who went to Israel are having quite a different experience. We’re off this morning to our second day at the Erez border. Yesterday we did not get in but had a very joyful experience with clowns and a samba band and kites and a playground we put together at the border (check out the foto). The Israelis we are working with are terrific, and we’ve had workshops by a variety of their groups. Last night some of us went to Sderot to talk to folks, randomly, about their experiences being at the receiving end of rockets coming in from Gaza.

We miss you all, and send greeting from the land of the occupier.



PS Here is a message from Mohammad in Gaza in response to my thank you.

Dear Medea,

It was our pleasure having you with us. Meeting you and the team was a great chance to know more good people who really do care. As I told you before that the real thanks should be addressed to our wonderful supportive leadership represented with our great Commissioner-General Ms. Karen Abu Zaid, our example leader DUO, Mr. John Ging, RSSP encouraging leader Mr. Hussam Manna’ and the team whom without the organization of the trip would not be achieved as is. So thanks again, we wish to be in touch. Would you please pass our greetings and good luck to other delegates.

Best Regards,

Dr. Mohammed A. El-Aydi

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