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March 23, 2015

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Protect local journalists of Gaza

Protect Our Journalists. | #ProtectGazaJournalists

about us and our campaign

  • Press House – Palestine is an independent, non-profit media institution. We are  concerned with media issues, and freedom of expression and to leveraging the quality of Palestinian media, through capacity building, training, advocacy, and networking programs, on the principles of human rights including equality and non-discrimination. Press House-Palestine was founded in January 2013 through an initiative of a group of journalists and opinion makers who are concerned with the state of the Palestinian journalism and in actualizing democracy.

    We aim to establish a unique model of cooperation and exchange with the various sectors of civil society, on the basis of partnership and integration. We are currently headquartered in Gaza with plans to expand our reach through opening other branches. We also aspire to play a leading role in empowering independent media, freedom of expression, and the quality of Palestinian journalism.

  • Gaza Strip is one of the most hot spots in the world, where conflicts and escalations take place frequently in light of the continued Israeli occupation and the siege imposed on the strip.

    Local journalists lack the safety equipment required to get protection during media coverage of events like wars and demonstrations. There’s a large number of media graduates every year (ranges between 700 to 900) who engage in the field work without receiving prior training or obtain the required safety equipment (flak jackets and bulletproof helmets) to protect them.

    This dilemma was extremely obvious in the latest Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip in the military operation “Protective Edge” in July 2014, where tens of journalists engaged in field work and covered the war events without any type of protection, which significantly contributed to increasing the number of killed and injured journalists; where critical violations of international humanitarian law, including journalists’ rights of protection during media coverage of field events took place.

  •  Through our campaign what we need is a provision of 12 safety armors and bulletproof helmets for local journalists in Gaza, and this is just a start! with your help and contributions we would expand our campaign to get funds for 150 safety armors and bulletproof helmets. – Your contributions will protect journalists of Gaza and help them spread the word of truth.

* Noting that one armor and a helmet costs $2000!

What We Need

We need you to help us reach our goals which are:

1.  To equip local journalists with the required safety equipment for media coverage   of dangerous events.

2.  To contribute in reducing the number of injured and dead journalists during             offensives.

3.  To enhance the capabilities of Press House in supporting journalists’ needs.

  • $25,000 is our current campaign goal to get 12 safety armor and bulletproof helmets for local journalists of Gaza, and this is to be expanded to 150 protection equipment, depending on how much help we get during this campaign, we’re looking forward to your help and support!
  • Your contributions will help us and the journalists of Gaza reach our biggest goal, and most importantly, the protection we need to convey the message of the Palestinian people, and to expose the Israeli war crimes committed towards the people of Gaza.

Why is it so important to us?

  • According to a report published by the ministry of information in 01/09/2014, 17 journalists were killed, 32 injured, and 19 media offices were targeted by Israel during “Protective Edge”.

    Beside these violations, Palestinian journalists have a critical problem when it comes to occupational safety; where many journalists, especially the new ones, lack the basic knowledge and awareness of occupational safety requirements as well as the needed equipment.

It’s very important for us and everyone who cares to help prevent or reduce these violations,
Journalism is power, yet it’s a threat to the occupiers and the oppressors, it’s a target and it needs to be protected and saved, otherwise we will live in the shadow of the oppressors, and we will be left behind, massacred silently where no one knows about us. Don’t let that happen!

Risks & Challenges

Our challenge to get this mission done is the fact that the Israeli Occupation refuses to let those safety equipment enter Gaza, but this will not frustrate our mission as we’re going to coordinate and bring it through the Palestinian Red Crescent and our international partners.

ournalists put their lives at risk so that the people of Gaza’s stories don’t remain unknown. Please help protect them and help them guard the truth.

12 bullet proof vests and 12 helmets will be kept at Press House office in Gaza; they will be lent to journalists who will be practicing their job in dangerous spots or during Israeli assaults. This way, many journalists will be offered the protection they need.

Other Ways You Can Help

You might not be able to donate, but you surely can help us reach those who are.

Please support our campaign and spread the word out, share this, using the Indiegogo share tools, and ask people to share and help!

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* this campaign belongs to Press House non-profit organization, and is run by activists and journalists who care for this cause:

Walaa Al-Ghussein   _  @WalaaGh

and an assistant team.

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Press House organization is based in Gaza – Palestine

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