Canadian Double Standards

March 6, 2009

In News

By a correspondent

Both the Ottawa universities banned the now famous “anti-semitic” poster. However, Gardner did not mention that a far more hate filled poster called “Terror built this wall” was exhibited in April last year in the Trium of Carleton University.

The Jewish Tribune (Apr. 13, 2008) describes the anti-Palestinian poster:

[open quote] “The display itself comprises a 15-foot by 5-foot chainlink fence – a replica of Israel’s Security Fence – with photographs of Israeli suffering on one side, and terrorist beliefs on the other. The Israeli side shows about two dozen graphic colour pictures, including one of an Israeli emergency worker holding up a blood-soaked tzizit. It is hard to hold tears back looking at the photo of four yeshiva boys crying out in agony at the loss of their school mates in the attack last month in Jerusalem. There is a close up shot of a leg pierced with shrapnel.

The opposite side of the fence displays pages of the rhetoric that terror organizations spew, including photographs of smiling children in terrorist garb.

Carleton’s day with ‘Terror Built This Fence’ was pretty quiet, said Telch, except around 5 p.m. “when we were about to close down. At that time, we decided to move the fence in front of the desks for the last 20 minutes because we didn’t get that much publicity. We were not breaking any rules by doing this.”

At the same time, a Palestinian lady who had come by earlier in the day and argued with the organizers came back.

“She brought about 60 or 70 friends and supporters,” said Telch. “I thought this was great, freedom of speech. But the 12 of us ended up arguing with them, about eight [people] to one.” [end quote]

Dr. Finkelstein:

It truly is “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” in the Canadian press; get a load of this revisionist crap from the national Canadian “news” source CTV:

“It was the third time in months that a Palestinian man from east Jerusalem has turned a construction vehicle into a weapon on Jerusalem’s streets. Palestinians in east Jerusalem are not Israeli citizens but carry Israeli ID cards that allow them freedom of movement throughout the country.”

Ignoring the media has conveniently omitted any mention of Israel violent occupation of East Jerusalem; one must wonder where CTV got their information….Bernie Farber?

Here is how International Court of Justice Ad Hoc Judge Dr. John Dugard describes the situation in his report of January 21, 2008:

34. Checkpoints and roadblocks seriously obstruct the freedom of movement of Palestinians in the West Bank, with disastrous consequences for both personal life and the economy. There are 561 such obstacles to freedom of movement, comprising over 80 manned checkpoints and some 476 unmanned locked gates, earth mounds, concrete blocks and ditches. In addition, thousands of temporary checkpoints, known as flying checkpoints, are set up every year by Israeli army patrols on roads throughout the West Bank for limited periods, ranging from half an hour to several hours. In November 2007 there were 429 flying checkpoints.

35. Palestinians are subjected to numerous prohibitions on travel and to requirements for permits for travel within the West Bank and to East Jerusalem. Checkpoints ensure compliance with the permit regime. These restrictions violate article 12 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which has been held to be binding on Israel in the OPT by the International Court of Justice in its Advisory Opinion on the construction of the wall. Israel’s argument that these restrictions are justified as security measures is difficult to accept. Many of the checkpoints and roadblocks are distant from the border of Israel, which is in any event protected by the wall. More likely explanations are to be found in the need to serve the convenience of settlers, to facilitate the travel of settlers through the West Bank and to impress upon the Palestinian people the power and presence of the occupier. According to a report in Yedioth Ahronoth, one quarter of all IDF soldiers who have served at roadblocks in the West Bank reported having witnessed or taken part in an act of abuse against a Palestinian civilian. Checkpoints serve to humiliate Palestinians and to create feelings of deep hostility towards Israel. In this respect they resemble the “pass laws” of apartheid South Africa, which required black South Africans to demonstrate permission to travel or reside anywhere in South Africa.16 These laws generated widespread humiliation and anger, and were the cause of regular protest action. Israel would do well to consider the South African experience. Restrictions on freedom of movement of the kind applied by Israel do more to create insecurity than to achieve security.

Notice how CTV’s account of the Palestinians alleged right to freedom of movement does not match up to the educated account provided by the on the ground Rapporteur? You were so right about the madness of the Canadian media…

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