Can you hear me?

January 15, 2009

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Can you hear me…I’m calling you from GAZA?

By Dina Mehanna

Great country to raise the flag of freedom

A place where martyrs were once born and died with pride

Zionists are not welcomed

A proud mother holding her flesh and blood

We ask:

Can you hear our pain?

Can you hear our screams?

Can you feel our blood?

Can you see our tears?

Can you smell our death?

We answer:

We can hear your joy…

We can hear your laughter…

We can see your smile…

We can see you grow…

Will the cries of our children ever be heard?

Will the river of blood leave our playground?

Will Malak, Ahmad, Mohammad, and Noor ever play their favorite game together again?

Will they hold each others hands closely as they walk to their school?

Will they learn about their proud country, its victory and know its geography?

As the school bell rings, they run to their favorite spot, a place they cherish the most, a place they once called home, inhaled and tasted their freedom; but instead it was a bell of danger and fear, reminding them that it’s time to run for their lives, a place that turned their sacred home into a massacre, a pond filled with blood, anger, fear and hunger.

All what these precious innocent eyes saw was death…as their weak bodies absorbed the bullets…they started calling each other…Noor can you hear me? Ahmad do you see me? Mohammad are you okay? Malak are you still alive? Screams started escalating and suddenly scattered in the dark, smoky, scary place they once thought was home.

All what was left was Noor’s coloring book, Ahmad’s football, Mohammad’s toy gun and Malak’s doll…Their last words were “Mama I need you”…”Dad pick me up”…”I want to go home”…”I don’t want to die now”…

Their voices were shut down by more bombs, bullets, and black clouds. No one was their to rescue these young souls who dreamt of building their beloved country…dreamt of making their parents proud…dreamt of raising their flag up high in the sky…dreamt of walking into the path of life with their heads up….dreamt of creating and raising their own families…yet destiny had it’s own plan for them ready on a plate of gold.

This plate of gold is called paradise. They are GOD’s floating angels created especially to decorate paradise. GOD finally welcomed his angels with all the love, tender and care they once missed back home. They stood tall, asking GOD many questions, “Why are we here? Where are our parents? What happened to our country? Can we go to school again? Could we play in our playground one last time? When will we go home? Did we do something wrong?”

GOD smiled and said: “That’s the place I built for you, a place where you are safe from danger and death, a place where you can live and grow peacefully, a place where your parents would love to be in, a place where millions die to see, a place where prophets live in, a place where blood, hunger and pain don’t exist, a place where justice rules, a place where noble and innocent humans are only allowed in, that’s your real playground, home and country, you are with me, you will be blessed and protected for as long as you shall live…”