California Dreamin On a Bernie Day

June 9, 2016

In Letters To Finkelstein

you’re hilarious:

“I know that people in California don’t like to walk, forget about work! But tomorrow, they gotta walk that lonesome valley by themselves!” 🙂

i’m a CA resident and for the FIRST TIME EVER (in my 40 years on this planet) i’ve been inspired to donate time/money to a presidential candidate. i’ve made three $100 contributions to the Sanders campaign over the past couple months (and trust me, i don’t have much extra cash laying around), have recently attended a 6,000 person strong Sanders rally in the rural town of Cloverdale, CA, and have just spent the (smoking hot) afternoon knocking on doors in Ukiah, CA in order to help get out the vote for the Bern-man. i’m a bit of a cynic and trust me: i tried really hard not to like the guy. in the beginning i figured he was just another hope/change candidate (i never once fell for the Obama hype)…but with time it became clear that this guy was legit. so just know that there are at least some CA folks busting their ass to get Bernie on the ticket. for me, the effort is not tied to some end result…it is just simply the right thing to do.

thanks for all the work that you have done over the years…and for all the sacrifices you have made in drawing attention to the struggles taking place in Israel-Palestine. GO BERNIE!!!

-Tellur Fenner