June 8, 2014

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“What makes BDS very powerful is [that] it targets the legitimacy of the State of Israel. It targets the very core, because BDS argues that, one, if Israel is an apartheid state—which Israel is—then therefore we cannot normalize relationships with such an abnormal entity….Now we are able to talk about apartheid, now we’re able to talk about the right of return, we’re able to talk about discrimination, ethnic supremacy. Consequently, BDS has then grown from being focused only on economic boycott of goods from the settlements.”

BDS supporter Rania Masri*



“It is important to note that part of the reason that boycott and divestment are successful is because they do not question Israel’s existence as a state but rather challenge its occupation, where Israel engages in the most egregious and visible violations of international law.  The vast majority of countries and peoples in the West will not accept a solution in which Israel’s existence is not guaranteed.” (emphases in original)

BDS supporter Nadia Hijab**



I am grateful to Jamie Stern-Weiner for this reference.
**Nadia Hijab, “Reversing Defeat through Nonviolent Power,” in Hani A. Faris, ed., The Failure of the Two-State Solution: The prospects of one state in the Israel-Palestine conflict (London: 2013), p. 273.