August 3, 2014

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Well, this took way too long but I’m glad he said it:
David Cameron Must Oppose Israel’s ‘Wrong And Unjustifiable’ Gaza offensive, Ed Miliband Says
Even though he saved his harshest words for Hamas (“appalling terrorist organization”), his language, describing the invasion as “wrong” and “unjustifiable”, and also Cameron’s stance as “inexplicable” to the British public, is more forthright than most I’ve seen.
But I can’t ignore the fact that this only came several days after Palestinian casualties actually exceeded those during Cast Lead (a conflict which I thought at the time might have been a game changer). And the thing is he knows he’s on firm ground here:
62% of British Public Says Israel Committing War Crimes, As Polls Show Sympathy for Palestinians
The following news story has led to at least one good result, and that is a parliamentary subcommittee is said to now be advising the government not to renew licences for arms sales to Israel (given the probability of their use against civilians). Sorry I couldn’t find a source for it but it was on Sky News* earlier and the chair of the subcommittee spoke to the news anchors, so it’s definitely happening. Here’s the shame:
Israel-Gaza Conflict: Revealed – Britain’s Role in Arming Israel
How’s this for chutzpah:
Netanyahu Demands ‘Strict Regulation’ of Antiwar Protests in Europe:
This made my angry, but we have to admit there have been some ugly incidents.
Meanwhile, Russell Brand dissects the absurdity that is Sean Hannity:
Part 1:
Part 2:
* I should say that I think over here at least a lot of letter-writing and a lot of civil protesting is finally paying off. I watched the review of the morning papers on Sky News tonight, and one of the guests brought up that old Golda Meir chestnut about Palestinians loving their children less than they hated Israelis. You could literally see the horror in the presenter’s face (that “too controversial for TV” expression), and he said “Of course that’s rather disturbing with images of so many dead and wounded Palestinian children these past weeks” and then quickly changed the subject. Joe Scarborough called the defence of Israeli atrocities “asinine” recently, and Geraldo challenged Hannity on Fox. Is this the rumblings of something? …