Another kind of peaceful revolution

March 3, 2011

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On 25th of January 2011, in Thessaloniki and Athens, 300 migrants started with a hunger strike. Their main demand is to be legalized and they claim the same political and social rights and obligations as Greek workers. The 300 migrants have been working for many years without any social or labor rights. On the first day of the hunger strike the immigrant workers have received support from unions and workers’ organizations, as well as from numerous people who have visited, asking to help and contribute in any way they can.

Send letters, fax and emails of protest to the Greek ministries of interior, of citizen protection and of health and to your local Greek embassy and consulate!
Help spread the word to media, and send press releases to your local, regional, national and european media. Here you find the press release we sent out…lease
Send copies of your press release and solidarity declarations to:

Pass this message on in your networks and urge other people to act, too!

Sample fax/emailing greek and english language that you can send to the relevant authorities – are listed at the website. Please do note that it is always better if you compose a text on your own. It doesn’t need to be long! If you do so, please post your letter as a comment on, so that we can collect our voices.

Please act and help spread the this – solidarity is the proverbial weapon these days. The hunger strikers are asking for your support!!!