An excellent initiative. But what happens when Israel bombs the port? It's a pity Hamas doesn't coordinate this initiative with the international solidarity movement.

February 8, 2015

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Hamas prepares to open international port with backing from Turkey, Qatar, Greece, EU

GAZA CITY — Hamas is set to challenge Israel and open the Gaza Strip’s port to international traffic.

Palestinian sources said Hamas was refurbishing the port south of Gaza City to receive foreign ships for passenger and trade. They said the port would be launched by May 2015 regardless of Israeli approval.

Artist's concept of an expanded port.
Artist’s concept of an expanded port.

“Hamas has decided that it will challenge Israel with considerable support from the international community,” a source close to Hamas said.

The sources said the Gaza port would be portrayed as an effort by Hamas to break the Israeli and Egyptian siege of the strip. They said Hamas has been recruiting promises of support, including Greece, Qatar, Republic of Cyprus and Turkey.

Hamas has been refurbishing the port to include a departure and arrivals lounge. The sources said the project was expected to be aided by European Union members, including France and the Netherlands.

“The confrontation will come when the first ships come to Gaza,” the source said.