Amos "Goebbels" Harel on Atomic Kites

June 21, 2018

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Finkelstein comments:  
“kites and helium balloons with payloads of gasoline” “kite-bombs“–payloads? bombs? How would you compare the “payloads” of these kites with the more than 100 one-ton bombs that your Satanic state dropped on the civilian neighborhood of Shujaiah during Protective Edge?
“More than 120 Gazans died”–Well, not exactly.  120 unarmed civilians were murdered by the Satanic Defense Forces.  Another 13,000 were wounded, many permanently, by your assassins, who shot nonviolent demonstrators multiple times in the legs with dum-dum-like bullets.
“the psychological damage the fires cause along the border is worse than any actual damage done”–Oh, poor Israel!  Maybe you can get the US Congress for massage therapy.
“By the way, according to intelligence reports, the campaign itself is led by Hamas”–By the way, does it ever embarrass you to cite these “intelligence reports” as evidence of anything?  You wrote for weeks that the demonstrators were using firearms, firebombs, grenades.  But Human Rights Watch could find only two witnesses to two alleged incidents in the 10 weeks of demonstrations, while Amnesty International couldn’t find any evidence of any firearms in the demonstrations.  But isn’t it plain as day that HRW and Amnesty are biased whereas “intelligence reports” are objective?
“we cannot allow the Strip – through activity apparently encouraged by Iran – to divert attention from the main Israeli campaign”–So let me get this straight: Gazans wouldn’t know how to fly kites without guidance from Iran; while Iran, which is now involved in several full-scale wars in Yemen and Syria, and a face-off with Trump and Israel, has allocated precious resources to the kite-war in Gaza.  Dr Goebbels, has it ever occurred to you that you’re making an ass of yourself in public?
“As usual the question is what Hamas really wants and whether the leadership is desperate enough even to risk another war, the first to be triggered by kites”–Dr Goebbels has been reporting on the demonstrations for weeks, but he is still unaware “what Hamas really wants.” He doesn’t know that Hamas–like the tens of thousands of others who lost or risked their lives the past 10 weeks–wants the blockade to be lifted. Maybe it’s time for Amos Harel to team up with Isabel Kershner and open up a Mah Jong Palace in Tel Aviv.