ALLYSON BURGER:The "Monstrous Effrontery" of a One-Trick Pony

September 7, 2017


Finkelstein comments:  This is the second excerpt from a forthcoming article exposing two Long Island New York matrimonial lawyers who prey on successful Muslim immigrants. (The first excerpt is titled “Michael Chetkof: The $30,000 Lunch.”)  I have been witness to this unfolding horror and paid a considerable personal price to rectify it.





The “Monstrous Effrontery” of a One-Trick Pony

“The Court will hear testimony today,” attorney Allyson Burger portentously declared in Mineola Long Island Family Court on 30 June 2017, “that unspeakable violence at Dr Baldeo’s hands began back in 1991.”

It was further alleged later that first day in Court that Dr Baldeo inflicted this “unspeakable violence” on “countless” occasions during the past quarter century.

If doubts still lingered, Burger repeatedly contended in official Court papers that she had in her possession, and would eventually present, incontrovertible “documented” proof to sustain her sensational charge that Dr Baldeo relentlessly “terrorized” and “brutally assaulted” his spouse.

Indeed, if Burger’s client had been a decades-long victim of “unspeakable violence,” it would be most perplexing if some “documented” record didn’t exist.  It’s not as if our society is insensitive to or hush-hush about spousal battery.

But when pressed to produce this “documented” record that she boasted of, Burger, a normally loquacious yenta wannabe, turned mute.

Was there a police record?


Was there a medical record?


Would any of the plaintiff’s many relatives—mother, sister, brother—testify to just one of the “countless” acts of “unspeakable violence”?


The plaintiff worked at a bank for 25 years.  Could Burger name a single coworker or supervisor who saw any signs of “unspeakable violence”?


Was there perhaps a counseling record?




The incontrovertible “documented” fact revealed by perusal of the Court record is, not that Dr Baldeo is a sado-psychopath, but that Allyson Burger, Esq is a brazen liar, a flagrant perjurer.

The challenge posed by Burger is isolating a single statement of hers that isn’t false.  When the Court record is mined for her lies, it’s as if one has stumbled upon an embarras des richesses.

But the really intriguing question is, How does this serial liar get away with it?

It can straightaway be ruled out that Burger carries the day in court on account of her cleverness or competence.

As anyone who has waded through the sludge in her Court papers can attest, the agonizing truth is that Burger just barely rises to illiterate.

Ignorant of the fact that prose is context-dependent, she randomly plucks words from an online thesaurus to impress.  Dr Baldeo is depicted as having “pranced right into the marital residence,” and his attorney as having disingenuously “regaled the Court again and again.”

Just when the reader imagines that the linguistic typhoon has passed, he gets hit with whoppers like this: “since this action of Divorce was initiated, the Defendant has continued to live the high life, thwarting his disregard for the family’s well-being.

The shakedown strategy plotted by Burger comprised two prongs: 1) Hitler’s Big Lie, and 2) the Abuse Card.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler infamously posited that “the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility.”  In other words, and counter-intuitively, the bigger the lie, the likelier people are to swallow it.

That’s because, although everyone indulges in the white lie, few people would be so shameless as to tell a gargantuan lie.  If they hear a little lie, people think, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but when they hear a Big Lie, people figure it must be true. Such a falsehood, Hitler wrote,

will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others.

Allyson Burger is a first-rank practitioner of the Hitlerian Big Lie.  If she alleged that Dr Baldeo and his spouse on occasion came to blows, most people would think, Who knows?  After all, spouses do fight and, as passions heat up, it can, sometimes, regrettably, turn ugly.

Burger, however, summoned forth the monstrous effrontery to charge Dr Baldeo with inflicting “countless” acts of “unspeakable violence,” in order to “terrorize” and “brutally assault” his spouse. Burger must be telling the truth—a naïve bystander would then infer—for who could possibly be so monstrous as to concoct a lie on this order of magnitude?

But the incontrovertible “documented” fact is, Burger is such a monstrous liar.

Even when the Big Lie has been exposed—by the end of the Court proceedings no one in the Courtroom credited Burger’s lies—still, as Hitler observed, the victim’s reputation will be permanently stained and scarred:

Something of even the most insolent lie will always remain and stick—a fact which all the great lie-virtuosi and lying clubs in the world know only too well and also make the most treacherous use of. 

Having fallen prey to Burger’s treacherous shakedown scheme, Dr Baldeo was left defamed for life by this great lie-virtuoso.

The efficacy-quotient of Burger’s Big Lie technique was multiplied many fold as she played the Abuse card.

Spousal abuse, spousal battery: by any reckoning, these constitute vile offenses.  Only a moral imbecile would trivialize or make light of them.

But even the gravest of crimes can be exploited for unsavory ends.  I myself wrote a book, The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, showing how some Jews traduced memory of the Nazi holocaust for mercenary gain.

Allyson Burger has criminally abused the crime of spousal abuse.

It is the sole weapon in her quasi-mental arsenal.  She’s a one-trick pony.

Burger exploits justifiable public indignation at spousal abuse to win undeserved sympathy for her clients, and to immunize them from legitimate scrutiny.

The cry of abuse serves as Burger’s talisman to ward off, neutralize, potentially damaging evidence.

I, along with Dr Baldeo’s family members and a priest, came to Court to lend him moral support and to deliver witness testimony.  (If Burger’s client showed up in Court each day all alone, it was because her family and friends, mortified by her greediness and lies, loathed to be seen in her company.)  At one point, Baldeo’s attorneys asked me to Xerox some documents.  When I inconspicuously passed the copies to his attorneys in the Courtroom, Burger shrieked:

There is a potential witness in the room right now. . . .  Dr Baldeo has enlisted friends such as the individual who just walked into the room and family members . . . .  Those family and friends have been in this courtroom every day that we’ve been on trial this week, all here to intimidate my client in the way they have in the past 26 years.

The next day in Court, Burger whined:

We have an ongoing situation in this case of . . . Dr Baldeo himself, and . . . many of the characters that are waiting outside in the hall . . . to intimidate . . . my client.

But it was not my intimidation that discomfited Burger.  It was the foreknowledge that, throughout their marriage, I was not only Dr Baldeo’s closest friend but also his wife’s closest confidante.  Burger cried abuse to discredit me, as she dreaded the prospect that, once on the witness stand, I would authoritatively put the lie to all her lies.

If the abuse tactic worked so handily, it was also because Burger crudely exploited noxious stereotypes.

Dr Baldeo is dark-complected and half-Muslim.  Burger would repeatedly shout in the crowded Courthouse as she played to the gallery, “Be careful! There’s an Order of Protection against him!”

Who could doubt that this uncivilized wife-beating Muslim darky was guilty as charged?

After Dr Baldeo signed under extreme duress the final agreement, Burger ruminated in the company of his attorneys, “Is Dr Baldeo a good person or a bad person? I couldn’t say.”

It was a strange avowal of agnosticism coming as it did from someone who had just devoted the past 16 months to vilifying Dr Baldeo.

But of course Burger could say.

If she was unable to muster a scintilla of evidence to support her sensational claim that Dr Baldeo committed “countless” acts of “unspeakable violence” across a quarter century, in order to “terrorize” and “brutally assault” his spouse, the one and only plausible conclusion was, the charge couldn’t be substantiated because it didn’t happen.

Allyson Burger, Esq fabricated this Big Lie out of whole cloth.

Postscript (7 September 2017)

I just returned home from spending the night in jail.  Allyson Burger had me arrested for . . . abuse!