Ackman: Jews don’t plagiarize; only schwarzes do

January 8, 2024

In News

Jewish billionaire William Ackman was angry that Harvard students opposed genocide in Gaza.  He was angry that Harvard president Claudine Gay didn’t suppress the students’ First Amendment right to speech and assembly.  He then demanded that Gay be ousted because she supposedly committed plagiarism.  Gay was ousted.  When a Jewish billionaire says that the Black president of Harvard must go, she goes.  But then it was discovered that Ackman’s wife, an Israeli-born former lieutenant in the Israeli air force, committed plagiarism.  Ackman is now hopping mad.  Only schwarzes are supposed to be punished for plagiarism.  Ackman is now threatening to expose plagiarism among faculty at MIT (where his plagiarizing wife taught). I for one am relieved that Ackman didn’t order his wife to drop 2,000-pound bombs on MIT.