A Young Correspondent on the Wokeness Book

July 11, 2023

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Hey Norm


It has been great seeing you make the rounds online after the publishing of your book. I’m upset I missed your talk in DC with Briahna Joy Gray. I would’ve been there without fail if I didn’t happen to be out of town. My best friend Adrian attended with his sister, which I was happy about. It’s funny: Adrian’s younger sister bought him a copy of your book for his birthday (he asked for it, otherwise she wouldn’t have ever come across the book). She also bought a seperate copy for herself at the time because she was intrigued. Turns out she devoured the book faster than Adrian. We were all at a bar last night talking and the conversation turned to Biden approving those cluster bombs. At some point Sera (that’s her name) busted out your book from her purse and started reading out some passages that she’d underlined which were somewhat related to the topic (it was some of the Samantha Power stuff). She was so excited, so into your book–it was just wonderful to see. It just reminded me of exactly what you’ve said before–that the only people who have repudiated your book with disgust have been adults; and that no young person has ever had a problem with it. I think what happened last night at the bar was an additional experience to adduce to your point.