A Letter on the Situation in Hebron, and What We Can Do

July 13, 2018

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Hi Norm,
My name is Chelli Stanley, I spent time in Hebron, Palestine and met someone who remembered you well, Musa Abu Hashhash, who spoke of you as a friend and good person.  So I wanted to pass that on.
I also wanted to see if you would be interested in being in touch with some people I know in Hebron who are interested in making more networks in the United States.  They are part of the Human Rights Defenders:
They are the group that filmed the killing of Abdulfattah Al-Shareef who was shot by Israeli soldier Elor Azaria.  They film constantly in order to expose the situation in Hebron and post these as well on their youtube channel, called Capturing Occupation Project.
They are now faced with a recent proposal in the Israeli government to criminalize the filming of soldiers, with a 5 year jail sentence for offenders.  They have put up a petition concerning this
We’d like to make sure the public is educated about this proposal, which will be extremely relevant to the United States public due to the filming that is constantly making the news here and helping the society to see itself and evolve.
Here is an article about this from children’s perspective in Hebron:
Here is one interviewing more of the volunteers:
Here is one I wrote about it:
We are encouraging people to get in contact with the group at or in touch with Badee, who is one of the founders, at  You can also contact me with any questions, etc.  We are encouraging people to spread the word about this proposed ban, and to contact the group directly and become part of a network for them in the U.S.  If resources allow, they are seeking an additional 10 cameras, as they have gotten many requests from others in Hebron and elsewhere who would like to film, and would like to expand their capacity.  They also have their cameras broken often by soldiers.
Again, thank you for your work and the way you have stood in your life despite all the opposition and sickness you faced.