A letter from Prague

December 17, 2012

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I watched the discussion on Al Jazeera – Bronner, Karo, Beinart and Khalidi. It is nice when all the gentlemen present their ideas. It is their job and they are paid for it (I suppose not bad paid). The people living in Gaza and Westbank (and elsewhere) have another problems. Real problems – which these well paid gentlemen will not solve. The most Arab elites are slaves of the US and Israelis are more or less the same. And vice versa because their only God is money. Here the leading elites are underslaves (slaves of the slaves).
It is all about power and not the normal people. They don´t care about the normal people, they just want power in order to have their money (which they of course think they deserve). And they know exactly how to arrange it, they have all the monies, PR and power and bombs. It´s disgusting but it´s the reality. And this will not change very soon. I´m fed up with this all.
The 2 states solution is over (the only real solution) because the power is in the hands of people who don´t want it. You can see it everyday and every month already 40 and more years. The fact that the French evacuated abt. one million settlers from Algeria is no more interesting today. It´s over because the power is in another hands. In the hands of people who pray everyday in the church and sell guns even in the nighttime and then wonder when children are shot in the school. The real freedom and democracy I suppose. And the president is almost crying in the TV but every week meets with the generals and CIA and signs the execution orders for anybody around the globe. What a human approach! Shall  I also shed a tear?
Ala long is it very dangerous for Israel, but if they decided to continue in the same way of mighty American Jews it is their choice. Not mine. They will pay and the price will be high. So stupid they are that they don´t realize it? I always thought the Jews are more clever. During my university years I had Jewish friends. And also met Jews who were not clever at all. We – goyim – made then a conclusion as students: when a Jew is clever, he is much more clever than us. But when a Jew is stupid – he is much more stupid than us. I think this is valid for everyone. Why to talk about Jews? We could talk about Hungarians or Germans or Czechs as well, or not?
The peace talks are just a joke. You only need to follow a little these talks, let´s say in 30 years. It is a farce. But who is the side which makes it a farce? The answer is clear, you don´t need to be a scholar to give an answer.
People, or leading powerful states who pray freedom and democracy and behave like the bordell(brothel) mama should not pretend that they are the leaders of a free world. They don´t care about free world. They care only about their open or vested interest. That is all and today everybody (who can read) in the world knows it. And more and more people will know with the time. What do such people who create such a world expect in the future?
If everyday are dying tens of thousends children of hunger  and the judeo-christian civilisation is producing 100 times (maybe 1000 times) more bombs everyday – in money – which could save these children – how can anybody talk about this civilisation? Is this a civilisation? No, it is not.
They may dance in Tel Aviv or NY to the latest dance rave or watch the 68 channels in NY (and nothing on), like here in smaller numbers – this is not my world and not of my family and friends. And by the way – it doesn´t interest the thinking people around the world. My German friends are saying:Americans? they have no idea about real culture. I am afraid they are right.