A Letter ​on Bernie Sanders ​from a Jamaican Friend Who Thinks for Herself

February 2, 2016

In News

I’m so glad he’s running, and against Hillary. I’ve been listening to the pundits. They’re so out of it, so clueless. It’s a tie, 50-50 and brings me back to Gore and the Supreme Court. The Clintons are excellent strategists. They can out-Rove Karl Rove. Just grind you down with polling and demographics and teeny-tiny numbers crunching stuff. In other words, they know how to get votes. Even how to win. They know how to get that half a percentage point they need to beat the other guy. But there’s no vision. No heart. Nothing. I listened to Hillary this week, especially as she was addressing Sanders as a threat and I thought, she just doesn’t get it. She’s practical and experienced and Bernie is pie-in-the-sky. Maybe…but he can imagine better and for some people that’s a damn good place to start.

 I checked his website today and looked at his bio which he has organized by decades. It’s so interesting, and tells you what a smart and nice guy he is. Nice because he could do more damage to Hillary but won’t. I looked at his career highlights for the 90s and it reads like a very good argument for not voting for another Clinton. You look at what he has there, basically voting against things that were being pushed by the Clinton White House. Read that short summary. For me it read like an indi​ct​ment. Clinton left the WH with high popularity ratings, but look at what he actually did. George W was a disaster but he got a lot of help. He just pushed the car over the cliff but Clinton drove it to the cliff and left it hanging.
​C. Goodison​