A Happy Ending

May 14, 2016

In Letters To Finkelstein

Two emails from a correspondent

Mr. Finkelstien my name is Jameel H. I am a pre-law student at Youngstown State University and have a bachelors in Political science, minor in journalism. I was able to accomplish all of this while having 5 children, a recovering opiate addict and homelessness. I have lost 2 children in my life as well. I am not asking for sympathy or recognition. The path I want to chose would involve me commenting on the issues you have taken to heart concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I want have a career but I know what could be the result of me speaking the truth on this issue, I have a family and I have to support them but I also have an allegiance to justice and truth. I am stuck between the preverbal rock and hard place and I wanted your opinion. Thank you and bless you for everything you have done!
Hey Mr. Finkelstein, I just wanted to email you to notify you of my commencement ceremony this Saturday.  I have also attached a picture of my family, we were at a rest stop en route to our vacation that’s why the kids look so tired.