A Former Student Remembers

December 7, 2014

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Dear Norman,
It has taken me so long to write you because I always think I should wait for a better time to write you (now that I have mentioned it I realise how ridiculous it sounds).
I’m not sure I have told you directly that you’re one of the biggest influence in my life. The one week class with you did to my mind something that I never imagined was possible. I learnt from you how to think rationally and even joked with my colleagues that your class should have been titled “critical thinking” because by the time you were done with us, we were changed human beings. I still find myself when faced with difficult decisions thinking ‘what would Mills do?’
I currently work with a private university here in Abuja and I hope that I am able to do for my students at least a fraction of what you did for me.
I have attached a picture of myself.