A correspondent ponders the price of Greek resistance

June 15, 2015

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I hope they do​ succeed​.
But they will suffer for it and they should expect and endure that.
It needs a faith like MLK had.
I have now and then returned to this clip to add fuel to my faith:
Maybe you could post that on your website.
People need the sound of faith and superhuman confidence.
In the end, I am satisfied that since extraordinary deeds need extraordinary courage, it needs a transcendence from the particular to the universal, from the now to the forever, and that’s what I call God.
It saddens me that I’m of so little faith.
Jesus said faith can move mountains, can walk on water.
That’s what faith is to me: the power that makes possible what knowledge deems impossible, or as MLK says, that makes a way out of no way.
I suppose, in this sense, which is the truest sense, you are a fellow believer.
In friendship