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March 1, 2014

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Cows do fly, Bovines do blog

I have had conversations with many chic secular leftists (third worldtypes), and have never known one who wasn’t brain dead. By “leftist” they do not mean free healthcare or free university education in the way we normally understand being leftist. What they mean is a Stalinist attitude of ‘I am right, you are wrong, and you must submit to my views’. 
By “secular” what they mean is they will follow, duplicate everything and anything from the White man without thinking. They use the word secularism in the same way a white supremacist uses the words ‘white power’.

To them chic is the fact that they are privileged, their fathers are rich and their families are powerful. And despite their claims of being left and wanting to copy the egalitarian secularism of the West, they want to keep things just the way they are.

These people are just a continuation of colonialism. They come from the families that collaborated with the colonialists and they view the people of the countries they claim to belong to just as the colonialists did. They view them as uppity natives that need to be put back in their place.  And this is something I have heard from their very lips, when they get angry their racism and white supremacy comes out.
Saam Amerat