A BDS supporter answers back

June 10, 2014

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Norman’s typical hasbara tactics

1 diagnose your adversary with a mental illness ie schizophrenia
   objective :
   to insult/discredit/stigmatise/abuse/’expose’ them

   result :
   exposing and discrediting yourself
   as a completely out of touch ignorant old person
   who still thinks in terms of the first half of 20 th century
   ie schizophrenia = split personality

2 link a) to indefensible b) then conflate ab
   so you can then defend b)
   ie in 1948 equal rights democratic israel a) was given the right to exist
   nothing/no one ever gave apartheid state of israel b)the right to exist
   conflate ab
   so you can then accuse bds of aiming to ‘eliminate the state of israel’ – a)
   when in fact bds aims to economically sink b) to bring about a)

3 use highly emotive terms to obscure conflation :
   ‘ the elimination of the state of israel ‘

4 distort context to fit your narrative/argument
    ie 10 yrs ago israel was busy implementing its own 1 ss
    with bantustans a real possibility
    so when bds was founded it made perfect sense to fight for palestinian
    equality and full democratic rights within israel’s 1 state
    no one could have foreseen the US sending in a juggernaut
    nor that israel would tip it over
    leading the palestinians to unite and go international
    you yourself didn’t see any of it coming til you read it in the news
    now united palestine is pushing for 2 ss acc to intl law
    you shout out that bds are aiming for 1 ss ie the ‘destruction of israel’
    whereas bds is aiming to sink israel the apartheid state – b)
2  by conflating israel a) and b)
    you try to transfer a)s legitimacy on to illegitimate b)
    so you can then attack all those who are anti apartheid b) as anti israel a)

5 avoidance
    you consistently avoid talking about refugee RoR
    but then only a fool would ask your opinion on that

    you consistently avoid talking about the palestinians in Israel
    but then only a fool would wonder about your opinion of that

6 compensation
   as you don’t care about the palestinians in apartheid israel
nor the refugees stuck in gaza or other refugee camps elsewhere
– forever for all you care –
you try raise money for some musical instruments

7 the humane jew
   as you don’t care about those palestinians
   you don’t care about the palestinians in the west bank either
   if you cared about them you would care about them all
   but you don’t care
   you piling yourself into 2 ss for decades
   appearing to care about those ‘suffering people’
   is the facade of fighting for a stable safe jewish apartheid state
   which requires by necessity a stable safe palestinian state
   with intl recognised borders
   that’s why palestinians never figure in your talks
   unless its to lecture them on do’s and donts
   your passion : protecting your white jewish supremacist right to self
   determination – to you that’s all that matters
   in your view a secular democratic israel would equate the destruction
   of the israel ruled by your fellow zionist white supremacist ideologues

8 omissions
   you omitted those few very potent sentences spoken by Gandhi re I/P
   so you could then write a book on him with your own interpretations
   to fit your own narrative/argument
   putting words in his mouth to suit your agenda
   he would not equate unwillingness to commit suicide with cowardice
   when talking to a people who are getting violated shot and murdered
   every day for 65+ yrs by a hate filled fictional people out to destroy them

 9 all so you can hold the palestinians responsible for their own plight
    blaming the victim – a hasbara special

10 as is : robbing people of their voice
      Gandhi’s voice
      the Palestinian voice calling for intl Bds

your zionist ideology/religion has corrupted you
just as much as it has bigged you up
and on Gandhi’s behalf you sure deserve a punch
non violent of course

but like Gandhi understood
people innately know right from wrong
and they are not as stupid as ideologically deluded jews seem to think
and like kerry’s juggernaut backfired on US/israel
so will all your hasbara tactics backfire on you
by natural law

it just remains to be seen if and at what point israel wakes up
and if/at what point you wake up
will it be just in time ?
or will it be when its too late ?